The live event has passed, however you can still purchase the training replay.
The training is 3 hours 15 minutes hours long.


May 1 - 3, 2015
9am to 6pm
City Convention Centre



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  1. Why Youtube?
    Why Youtube is THE place to be for health & wellness professionals.
  2. The Basics
    Learn the logistics of setting up your account and uploading your first video.
  3. Creating Media
    Overview of the equipment required to produce and edit media without breaking the bank.
  4. Video Essentials
    What every good youtube video needs in order to be successful.
  5. Growing Your Channel
    How to gain more views and subscribers. 

  6. Monetizing Your Channel
    Start making money on youtube to earn passive income.

  7. Keys To Success
    My 5 keys to succeeding on youtube regardless of competition.


Kassandra Reinhardt is one of the world’s leading online Yin Yoga instructors with over 6.6 Million YouTube views, 90,000 subscribers, and 5,000 more joining every month. Her videos have served as the introduction to Yin Yoga - and the motivation - for thousands of people around the world to experience the benefits of a daily yoga practice.

Her book entitled Yin Yoga will be published by DK Books this winter, and her classes are now available on the popular yoga platform Grokker. With an audience online of 150,000, Kassandra represents a number of popular yoga brands, including My Inner Fire, Yogi Approved and Yogi Surprise and her blog made it on DoYouYoga’s Best Yoga Blogs list of 2016. VISIT HER WEBSITE BY CLICKING HERE


This training is for health & wellness professionals who are ready to stand out from the crowd and take their teachings online! If you've ever been curious about starting a youtube channel but have felt overwhelmed by the process, this is for you!


No! This training is intended for beginners. You do not need to have any technological knowledge or experience filiming, editing or marketing videos, that's what the training is for :) I will take you through all of this information in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. BEGINNERS WELCOME!


The training is 197 USD. It is 3 hours 15 minutes long and is yours to keep forever!


There are no refunds given for this training, I believe in honoring the investments we make in our education. This is an in-depth extensive training giving you all of the tools you need to start and grow your own youtube channel.


"WORTH EVERY PENNY!! I will be re-watching this over and over again. Seriously, thank you so much for offering this training, I've learned so much from you and I now feel ready to start my own yoga youtube channel! I used to be really overwhelmed by the idea of filming videos and figuring out how to build an audience but now I feel empowered and ready to take on the world. Seriously, THANK YOU!" - Jacqueline B.

"Thank you so much for being so open and honest with this material! I wasn't expecting this much transparency and I'm eternally grateful to you for letting us in on all the youtube secrets." - Lyne C.

"I've been following Kassandra on youtube for over a year and always wondered what it would be like to teach online myself. As a teacher I felt like I had so much more to offer the world but the idea of putting myself out there like that felt extremely intimidating and scary. I was confused by the technical skills required and had no idea how I was supposed to stand out from the crowd. After taking this training I have a clear plan and know exactly which steps to take. I'm so excited to start sharing my gifts with the world! Thank you so much Kassandra for inspiring me to chase my dreams. " - Anita-Lea P.


"I've taken a lot of trainings on social media in the past and most only give you generic information or try to sell you on another product. I'm happy to say that in this training I learned a lot of new techniques and Kassandra was very transparent in how she runs her youtube channel." - Carl L-W.

"The idea of starting my own channel used to give me so much anxiety! I'm not very tech-savvy and haven't used social media much before so I didn't know whether this would be right for me. I now feel like I know exactly what to do to be successful on YouTube and I'm ready to try it for myself! Thank you Kassandra for the in-depth and ACCESSIBLE training (even for an older lady such as myself) ;) ." - Janice G.

"Clear, actionable and easy to follow. Exactly what I was looking for!" - Kalel K.

"I LOVED this training! Kassandra went much more in depth than I was expecting and provided amazing insight into getting started with youtube. I haven’t found any other advice that was so tailored to exactly what I want to do. I am inspired to start my youtube journey! " - Emily Stajov

"I just want to say thank you for the super informative YouTube tutorial.
I've updated my banner and channel description, got my head around video manager (ish!) and set up movie maker to edit my videos and I'm actually looking forward to getting my channel going. :)" - Rachael Wagstaff

"I can't thank you enough for putting out this training. It was not only inspirational but so informative that I can not wait to get started! You are so knowledgeable about the topic and offered honest trial and errors that I feel confident that with hard work and your advice I can make this work for myself. This resource is something I will come back to over and over while building my brand and my company." - Jessica Cianci

"I really enjoyed the training as it was so informative and you explained everything very well. It has helped me so much and now I really know what I need for a successful youtube channel. Before the training I felt totally overwhelmed by everything and I had my doubts that I would be able to start my own channel. But after your workshop I feel more confident and my doubts are cleared up. I like that you talked so openly about everything and shared all your advice with us. And last but not least, I love that you are so welcoming and happy. It was the best investment I have made so far and I thank you very much!" - Kim Robinson

This in-depth online training is an overview of everything you need to know to create and grow a youtube channel as a yoga teacher. If you've ever thought about teaching yoga online, this is the best place to start!

It took me 3.5 years to build my Yoga with Kassandra youtube channel to 90,000 subscribers and had I known then what I know now, I could've cut that time in half. I don't want you to struggle and try to "crack the code". This is the real deal, an all access pass to the knowledge I've learned building my youtube channel over the years. This is the information I wish I had learned before I got started, the stuff no one would tell me about.

If you want to expand your audience, transform your career as a yoga teacher and bring in new forms of income, this training is for you!


"Thanks so much again for the YouTube 101 training! It was so honest, transparent and informative and really helped to answer so many questions I had about starting a YouTube channel! I really appreciated how you took us through the process step-by-step and shared your wisdom from your experience - good and bad! I definitely feel more confident about starting my own YouTube channel!" - Mira P.

"THANK YOU for being the kind of yoga teacher that I aspire and work towards being every day.... authentic, honest and sharing! This training was awesome. It was well organized, thorough and easily understood. The number one thing missing in YTT is information like this webinar.... direction on how to make money as a yoga teacher." - Mia Tojal